Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology

Abdul Wahid Gulrani
Vice chancellor of Research and Technology


The Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology at RAO University is a crucial leadership position responsible for overseeing and promoting research activities and technological advancements within the institution. This role involves fostering a culture of innovation, supporting faculty and student research, and facilitating collaborations with external partners.

The responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology typically include:

1. Research Strategy and Planning: The Vice Chancellor develops and implements a strategic research plan that aligns with the university’s mission and goals. They work closely with faculty and research centers to identify research priorities, establish research goals, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.

2. Research Funding and Grants: The Vice Chancellor actively seeks and secures research funding from various sources, including government agencies, foundations, and industry partners. They support faculty in identifying funding opportunities, developing grant proposals, and managing research grants.

3. Research Compliance and Ethics: The Vice Chancellor ensures that research activities comply with ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements. They establish and maintain research integrity policies, oversee institutional review boards, and promote responsible conduct of research.

4. Technology Transfer and Commercialization: The Vice Chancellor facilitates the transfer of research findings and technologies from the university to the marketplace. They collaborate with industry partners, entrepreneurs, and technology transfer offices to protect intellectual property, negotiate licensing agreements, and promote commercialization of university innovations.

5. Research Infrastructure and Resources: The Vice Chancellor oversees the development and maintenance of research infrastructure and resources. They work with faculty and administrators to provide state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and research support services necessary for cutting-edge research.

6. Collaboration and Partnerships: The Vice Chancellor fosters collaborations and partnerships with external organizations, including other universities, industry, and government agencies. They facilitate research collaborations, joint projects, and knowledge exchange initiatives that enhance the university’s research capabilities and impact.

7. Research Performance and Evaluation: The Vice Chancellor monitors and evaluates the university’s research performance. They analyze research output, publications, citations, and other metrics to assess the impact and quality of research activities. They also provide support and resources to improve research productivity and competitiveness.

8. Technology Integration and Innovation: The Vice Chancellor promotes the integration of technology into teaching, research, and administrative processes. They identify emerging technologies and trends, support technology adoption by faculty and staff, and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology plays a vital role in advancing the research and technological capabilities of RAO University. They provide leadership, support, and resources to faculty and students, foster research collaborations, and drive innovation that contributes to the university’s reputation and impact in the academic and broader community.